In Attics and Archives

Volume 4 Issue 3, Page 3

By Lara Maynard

From Chinaware to a Wicker Chair

Where in the world can you find jail doors, costume jewellery, tired from a 1929 Model-A Ford, Depression glass, a horse collar, a coin-operated parking meter lamp, a dentist's kit, a sewing machine and a pudding mould all in one room? Give up? A visit to Treasure Cove' Antiques and Collectibles in Torbay will answer this question, but you will likely want to ask the operators, Pat and Greg Haynes, many others. When you walk into the two storey barn that they have converted into a crammed shop, an intriguing assortment of weird, wonderful, and beautiful objects as small as bottle caps and as large as furniture will make you wonder who they got into his business and how they ever found all this stuff.

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