More information about our Committee:

Current Members

President: Lara Maynard
Vice President: Jeff Green
Secretary: Brian White
Co-Treasurers: Cathy Boylan and Jim Eustace

Members at large
Linda Lalonde
Anna Piercey
Laurie Dempster
Eleanor Robson
Patricia O'Brien
Leo Ryan
Bernadette Parsons
Councillor Pam Evans

History of the Committee

Below are some quick facts about our committee. If you’d like to become a member, please E-mail us at


1.      a.) To provide the Town Council of Torbay with recommendations on all matters pertaining to restoring, preserving and implementing projects for the furtherment of Torbay Heritage.

        b.) To solicit from Torbay residents and from ex-residents advice, recommendations and artifacts for recording and visual display.

        c.) To provide documented information of Torbay’s history to interested persons or groups through means of briefs, speeches, slides or other means.

        d.) To insure that names of early settlers or of those who contributed to the Town’s well being are remembered in street or landmarks e.g. Pulpit Rock, Frenchman’s Ridge, Piper Stock Hill, etc.

2.        And all other efforts necessary to insure that past history and contemporary history is documented and maintained for posterity.

The Heritage Committee’s Constitution was signed on March 31, 1988.