Solomon Gosse's Birthday

Compiled by Lara Maynard

Torbay Heritage Committee: Torbay, NF 1998

Torbay has a heritage distinctly its own, and yet it is closely interwoven with that of neighbouring communities including Flatrock, Bauline, Pouch Cove, Middle Cove, Outer Cove, Logy Bay, St. Philip's and Portugal Cove, not only through close proximity, but by a long history of intermarriage, friendship and a little competition.

The songs and poems in this collection go courting in Logy Bay and to the Regatta to celebrate rowing records, travel through the "Hillsides of Torbay" and past a dance on the bridge in Flatrock, and on to remember the bravery of Pouch Cove residents. They are variously imbued with silliness, humour, tragedy and nostalgia - with the diverse experiences of the people whose stories are sentiments they record.

And since music and food go together for any celebration, whether it's Solomon Gosse's birthday or not, the final section of this collection includes recipes ranging from potato brandy through to moose pie and blueberry desserts.

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